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Interesting Food Cultures In France

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"French food cultures"

France is one of Europe’s biggest countries and also the safe haven for many. It is one of the most widely traveled destinations in the world because of its culture, climate, monuments, food, and fashion. It is well known for its delicacies and wines. The French love their cuisine and put in dedicated efforts to prepare them. The gatherings are big and extravagant with loved ones. The ideal French meal has three to four courses, which include cheese, wine, chicken, and dessert. All meals are added to freshly baked bread. One of the most favorites amongst the locals is the Coq Au Vine , chicken breast garnished with the smoothness of red wine. The cuisine is so diverse that it varies from region to region of the country. French food is equally divided into 3 slots, which is breakfast, which is light on the stomach, a full-fledged 3-course lunch and then a light supper.

All 3 of the slots make a perfect meal and considered to be the lifeline for the French. The main course consists of meat, fish or Chicken; it is the most important and is known for its classic French taste.

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Authentic Meat Cuisine

There is a wide range of options like Chicken, beef, lamb, veal, pork and rabbit in our food. Interesting cuisines of France include Burgundy beef (boeuf bourguignon), leg of lamb (gigot d'agneau) and Toulouse-style cassoulet with pork and beans, veal stew (Blanquette de veau), and stuffed chicken, which is majorly eaten.

Top Chicken And Duck Based Dishes

"Chicken And Duck Based Dishes"

Chicken or duck are the main components used for authentic dishes such as chicken braized with wine (coq au vin) also my personal favorite, chicken Dijon duck breast (magret de canard) and, duck à l’orange, Turkey with chestnuts or a roast goose makes up the classic festive meals. Seafood.

Seafood is popular around Cannes Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes due to its huge coastline and developed fishing industry. One can easily find salmon in a paper (salmon en papillote), swordfish (à la Niçoise), pan-fried sole (sole meunière), the Bouillabaisse stew from Marseilles packed with shrimp, mussels, clams, is a must try and I often go there to try the local food. The French have always enjoyed scallops in creamy wine sauce (coquilles Saint-Jacques), marinated mussels and excellent oysters, which are from northwest Atlantic coast. In order to make the chicken more relishing one marinades it with the butter, honey, and the vinegar. To add the saucy-ness up, the leftover of this batter is heated and more vinegar is added to it. The chicken is then added to this sauce with vinegar and honey and served hot.

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