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I am the curator who loves food. My love for my country and its heritage has gotten me back to what I love doing the most: Food. I love eating, talking about food, trying and experimenting with various cuisines, going and studying different places and understanding the beauty of the place. I enjoy history and fancy architecture. This food blog is my ode to life!

This food blog is an attempt to familiarize the French to the world. Every part of the world enjoys our culture and cuisine, and not to forget the sparkling wine. This blog is to reach out to everyone, who fancies the culture – but does not know where to go to enjoy it, who loves French cuisine – but does not know where to eat and this blog is for those who away from the land but wishes to relish the delicacies. I have a recipe update for almost all the easy to make French cuisine here.

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You can reach out to me at “The chicken in the kitchen”, I always get back to all you lovely people.

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The love for the variation

Chicken delicacies

Romantic and beautiful France and the French

Different Ways

To Prepare Stuffed Chicken Breast

All of us love the idea of how romantic and beautiful France and the French are. Everything about the French draws attention and makes the world fall in love with them. France is the home of art and culture since the very beginning of the era. Many of the well-known artists and architects have called this region their home. The climatic conditions remain oceanic in major parts of this vast region.

The French cuisine is known to be one of the finest in the world. It differs from region to region due to its variation in climatic conditions.


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