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French Cheese Varieties And How To Blend Them In With Your Everyday Menu

Less Known French Dishes

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If France could name every part of its region after a cheese, it would be able to. There are more than 250 varieties of cheese that France can proudly boast about. Below is a guide on a few names that can be mingled with everyday nutrition to add a zest to your meal.

There are more than 250 varieties of cheese that France can proudly boast about.

Cantal Your Cheesy Dreams

Auvergne Mountain has given the world the gift of uncooked cheese that tastes quite close to cheddar. Just like old wine, ageing Cantal is the best to savour. A bite will push you into the lush green fields of farmhouses from where the produce comes. One of the best ways to eat this is in itself but it can be put into every day salads. A better combination is with shepherd pie. Many also prefer eating it in Clafoutis, quite a few times mixing it with bacon. Cantal makes soups taste yummier, apples and grapes feel more juicy and even fondue thicker!

Emmental, My Dear Cheese Lover

Ever noticed the tasty cheese with holes that makes cameo in Tom and Jerry? That is the Emmental variety produced massively in the East of France. This dairy product is industrially manufactured and has been a traditional trademark of the country since years. Even though the taste is sharp, the nutty nature goes with a lot of recipes. It melts easy so it’s best to use it with sauces or grilled sandwiches. Belgian beers and wines also make great accompanies.

4. Benedict ‘Camembert’ of Cheeses

With everything that gains a name, imitations start popping up

Famous in the menu of French cheese, Camembert hails from the quaint town of Normandy. Crust of this delicacy is usually savoured. With everything that gains a name, imitations start popping up. The trick to know genuineness of this type is to press it gently to check for softness. It shouldn’t be spongy. Garlic bread, apricot, cheese sandwiches, pasta and anything that needs to be baked oozes deliciously when laboriously used with this cheese.

3. Lick The Saint Nectaire

Honoured as being the greatest, this cheese variety also hails from the confines of Auvergne Mountains. Produce made in the farms is of the highest quality with the softest of tastes that melt in the mouth. Starchy bread can make this a hero ingredient, but it also enhances tastes of dishes with potatoes or vegetables. Red wine and Saint Nectaire can however make your gatherings one of the most memorable ones. Beware of friends who will badger you for the secret!

2. Raclette Makes You A Winner

The Raclette grill is a popular phenomenon among the cheese fanatics, after all.

Even though it lacks in natural taste, since its industrial output, this cheese makes a lot of meals light up with life. Melted and poured over potato, wrapped around gherkins in a sandwich or just eaten with mountain ham, your stomach will thank you for cherishing it. Health conscious also benefit as this couples well with leafy greens and even deli meats or shrimps which are rich in protein. The Raclette grill is a popular phenomenon among the cheese fanatics, after all.

1. Bleu ‘d’Auvergne’ Your Worries Away

Whether bland or bold, there are many ways this cheese infuses itself into our daily life. Churned in the Velay Hills at Haute Loire, the creaminess of the blue cheese contains all the traditional tastes that make the heart happy. Sprinkle it on cut pieces of pears, figs or instead of pineapple on pizza, try it with the better combination of Bleu d’Auvergne. Make it healthy with walnuts or celery! Break out the old wine bottle from the cellar, call for a potluck and arrange whatever kinds of cheese you prefer over a plate. Bon appetite!

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