"Table For Vacation"

Who doesn’t need a break from the monotony of their everyday life? Who would not want to go to the hills and enjoy the clouds? Or just enjoy the serenity of the oceans? The sun, the birds, the mist? Everybody does. Everybody wants a break from the rat race. I love enjoying the breeze once in a while. Whenever, overboard with the pen, I take a little vacation down to a serene place. It helps me breathe. It helps me be myself again and helps me feed and refine my thought process. I personally feel vacations are not as people might call them – a luxury. They are a necessity to lead a well-balanced lifestyle in today’s hustle-bustle city life.

How many of us actually pay attention to our lifestyles and lead a healthy and disciplined lifestyle in today’s life? In fact, how many of us actually have the time in today’s work culture to lead a healthy lifestyle? We skip lunches and dinners trying to be on time for the scheduled meeting, we skip breakfast trying to catch the bus early morning to work- it is all a vicious circle that we are all trapped into.

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There Are A Number Of Reasons To Take Time Off And Go Out For A Vacation

  • Psychological relief: Vacation release stress. The usual scheduled monotonous lifestyle of the people takes them to a number of mental traumas in life. Some go through depression of the work-life pressure, some turn cranky and some lose control of their sanity and lose themselves in the process. It is said that vacation is really helpful in these cases. I personally take a vacation to get my train of thought in the perfect shape.
  • Productivity increases: Contrary to what most of the people think, a good, relaxed vacation increases the productivity of individuals. People are more focused better control and more knowledge to spread.
  • Health Issues: A lot of health issues are rectified, like sleep disorders and forgetfulness. People on a vacation tend to feel more relaxed. The brain is at peace and helps cure sleep disorders, depressions, forgetfulness.
  • Monotony: The major cure to monotony is to go on a vacation and to give the brain and body rest and to get the thought process back. It also gives a break and more inspiration to do better work.

Life is too short and one should not waste it by just not enjoying and worshipping the only thing the Almighty has blessed us with- health. We should all cherish and nurture what we have and for that, one needs to go vacations every time they feel that the lifestyle is turning into a burden they are bearing.

Stay happy. Go vacations!