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Less Known French Dishes

French Cuisine Is Heavily Influenced By What Is Grown Locally
French Cheese Varieties And How To Blend Them In With Your Everyday Menu

France is the epitome of a vast culinary world. The French people take their food so seriously that their lunch breaks are two hours long.The world associates this country as a gastronomic giant. This is very accurate I might say, because what France gave to the culinary world was nothing less of art. Needless to say, there are very popular French dishes such as croissants and frog legs. But, there are also quite a number of traditional French cuisine that are not known to the world. These are delicacies that the French people enjoy but would have one think twice before trying it.

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Escargots De Bourgogne

Escargots are the French name of snails. Bourgogne is the area of Burgundy, which it known for exquisite dishes.

Therefore, as you can imagine, this dish is made out of snails in garlic butter. As much as that sounds unappealing, the snails are carefully bred in a farm. They are fed on special herbs and cleaned thoroughly before being prepared.

Coquilles De Mouton

This translates to sheep testicles. This dish is a very expensive delicacy.

The testicles are peeled, soaked in cold water for a few hours then grilled with seasoning of choice. Locals enjoy these in special occasions.

These body parts are actually quite nutritional.


This dish is a sausage made out of large intestines, pork meat and onions.

It is very infamous with the locals. This is because just the smell alone would imprint itself on you for days to come. Secondly, the texture of the sausage would only be appealing to those who enjoy this meal.

It has a coarse texture and it is very tough.

Ris De Veau

This translates to sweetbread, but it is nothing like sweetbread.

It is actually a calf’s pancreas. It is described as a sweet, nutty and creamy flavor to it.

It also has a number of health benefits and it is largely a delicacy in France.

Fromage De Tete

This literally translates to ‘head cheese’. France is known for is vast array of cheeses. But this is one that is not conventional. It is made out of the flesh of a calf’s head.

Sometimes the tongue and the ears are included in the making of this ‘cheese’.

It is seasoned with herbs and coated with gelatin to set.

Boudin Noir Aux Pommes

This is a recipe that has been seen in other cultures in the world. The Britons know it as blood pudding. It is also seen in African countries, known as ‘mutura, in Kenya, for example. The French still seems to amaze us with their recipe which it quit unusual. Their sausage is mixed with onions, apples and cream. It is served with a side of sautéed, caramelized apples which is very unusual.

Despite these dishes being weird to the rest of the world, the French people show their love for food and their traditions through these hearty meals. Despite them not being the norm, these dishes should be tried at least once.

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